A Farmer

Zinovia was born in a small dorian village without a name.  Her and her brother live on a small farm that the two of them own, operate, and trade their crops for supplies and livelihood.  They live a very simple and basic life.  Each year they grow grapes, olives and wheat depending on the season.  At the end of each harvest, Fotis (Zinovia’s brother) takes the excess crops to the town of Argos to trade and sell.

Zinovia is a recluse and quiet girl.  She loves the monotony of farming.  The same thing every season, the predictability, the pattern, the consistent story of it.  She remembers farming these lands as long as she can remember, but she is only a young 16 year old girl.  She is untrustworthy of outsiders and specifically of men as most times that men have passed through their village they have been struck by her beauty ending in altercations where her brother had to protect her.  Often, men have offered small fortunes to her brother to purchase her, but her brother has always turned them down without reservation.

Zinovia has been plagued with bad dreams her entire life, but over the last year or so it has become progressively worse.  Usually, her dreams are a mix of nightmares and pleasant dreams.  Lately though they have shifted to only nightmares and often the same reoccurring nightmare.  She dreams of running up the fields of her farm to come to the top of a hill to see hundreds of dead bodies.  The ground is soaked in blood and water the crops.  The crops grow blood red: blood red wheat which is used to make blood bread, blood red grapes making blood wine and blood red olives making blood oil.  The level of blood rises and rises from the living consuming the blood of the dead in drunken festivities.  The world drowns in its own blood and she wakes up at the same point every time.  Swimming in a sea of blood looking for her brother who is no where to be found.  Zinovia wakes up today the same way.


Rise and Fall of Gods Rock