A farmer.


Fotis was born in a small dorian village without a name.  He and his sister live on a small farm that the two of them own, operate, and trade their crops for supplies and livelihood.  They live a very simple and basic life.  Each year they grow grapes, olives and wheat depending on the season.  At the end of each harvest, Fotis (Zinovia’s brother) takes the excess crops to the town of Argos to trade and sell.

Fotis loves his sister very much and worries about her a great amount.  Almost any interaction with the outside world has not gone well as men are struck by her beauty and must have her.  While he is only a farmer, he seems to have been able to fend of suitors without too much of a hassle.  He worries though about the day he won’t be able to.  Zinovia seems to love the monotony of their farming life, but it is slowly driving Fotis insane.  It seems they have been doing the same thing for eternity and will do it forever.  The only highlight of his life is when he gets to go to Argos to sell their crops.  He makes sure to always stop and gamble, his favorite pastime.  It is the only secret he has from his sister as she would not approve.


Rise and Fall of Gods Rock